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Here is a quick introduction to each of the elements you will find on our site.

Most Like lists
For Movies
We take all of the words people use to describe movies and look for movies that are most like (or least like) one another overall. This analysis provides us with our Most Like and Least Like lists.

This is where you should start looking for recommendations! Of course, movies are complicated, so if you want to dive into a specific aspect of a movie, you will need our Nanogenreā„¢ movie lists (more on this below).

For Actors and Directors
If you like the movies by a specific actor or director, the most-like list will lead you to the actors and directors who make movies that are most similar overall. Of course, since artists make lots of different types of movies, to find a specific movie match, you will focus your search on a specific type of movie. That is where actor and director Nanogenre movie lists come in (more on this below).

Least Like lists
Just for fun, we calculate the movies that are least like the movie you picked. Some people love the humor of this feature. Others wonder if we lost our mind putting this here. You decide!

Nanogenre™ movie lists
For Movies
Users describe movies in detail, and we use all that detail to cluster movies into Nanogenre movie lists (like little tiny genres) based on the words people use to describe the movies. Each Nanogenre list is identified by the three words people use to describe the movies in the list.

Words like “magic, lovely, and romance” or “laugh-out-loud, sweet, and feel-good” help you to pick the right kind of romantic comedy. Just because you like horror movies, tonight you might want to distinguish between “terrifying, ghosts, death” or “frightening, demonic, freaky” or even “freak, gore-fest, grisly.”

Select the Nanogenre list that matches your mood to find just the right movie. Once you see the list, you can sort it by date or Crowd Rating or Crowd Size to help in your search.

For Actors and Directors
If you are looking for a movie that is similar to those of your favorite actor or director, you are probably not in the mood for just any similar movie. Your favorite actor may have made comedies, romances and detective mysteries. You probably are not looking for a “tears, cried, emotions” movie on the same night as a “gruesome, gore, suspense”, or “noir, thriller, twists” movie.

To find a movie that is has the same feel you are looking for, check out your favorite artists' Nanogenre movie lists.

movie in a nutshell Movie in a nutshell
Taking all of the words people use to describe all movies we figure out which words best describe the nuances of each movie. Then we order them by importance and create the “Movie in a nutshell” so you quickly get a sense of the movie. The Movie in a Nutshell helps you figure out if you would enjoy this movie.

Crowd ratings
"Worst movie I have ever seen. Don't waste your money"
"Beautiful and moving. Incredible cinematography. Stellar acting. A must-see."

You can tell the difference between these two comments. So can we! We analyze comments like these until we know which movies people loved and which they hated. Then we analyze their words and to calculate a numeric "Crowd rating" for every movie that people wrote about.

That's right. We don't ask anyone to rate the movies, and we don't need their ratings to come up with ours. The words people use to describe movies tell us everything we need to know to rate movies 5 or 1 or anything in between.

Crowd size
The more viewer comments a movie has received online, the bigger it's “crowd.” We convert the quantity of commentary about each movie into a relative size measure from 1 to 5. A movie with 1 little person in the Crowd Size column has only a few comments, and a movie with 5 people in the Crowd Size column has lots of user comments.

Add to Netflix
Once you sign up with Nanocrowd, if you have a Netflix account you can add movies directly to your Netflix Queue. Simply press the “Netflix - add” button from any movie, and we will add the movie to your Netflix Queue (the button will change to say “In Netflix Q”). If you haven't signed up with us yet, we will walk you through the process of signing up and linking to Netflix from Nanocrowd. If we don't know the exact movie at Netflix, the button will say “Search at Netflix” and we will take you to Netflix so you can find the movie and add it there. This is a new feature for us, so look for improvements in the future. Suggestions welcome!

Watch Now!
Many movies are already available to watch instantly online. We hunted for sites that allow instant viewing, and if we found one or more, you will see the “Watch Now!” button with your movie. Press the button to see a list of sites. Some are free, like Hulu and Crackle, some are pay-per-movie sites like Amazon, and some are free to members, like Netflix. Click on the one you want and you will instantly be watching the full-length. This is a new feature for us, so look for improvements in the future. Suggestions welcome!

You can create your own myMovies list with movies you want to watch or remember that you have watched them, or whatever. To add a movie to your list, press the “myMovies - Add” button. Then go to myMovies using the link at the top of every page to see the list or add ratings and other annotations so you remember why you added it and if you've seen it or who recommended it. This is a new feature for us, so look improvements in the future. Suggestions welcome!

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