We analyze viewer's own words...

To help you get inside their heads, To find the right words, To find the right comps, To find the right positioning, To identify and attract a large audience, To help you listen to and, speak in the viewer’s voice

How does the ViewerVoice™ platform help studios?

By analyzing viewers’ reactions, Nanocrowd helps you find the right audience for your title and market to them using their own words.

How do we do it?


The ViewerVoice™ Platform

Nanocrowd® provides data analysis tools and viewer data to movie and television studios. Our ViewerVoice platform helps you measure and understand your audience’s reactions. You discover which titles belong together, what themes engage specific audience segments, and which audience segments have the highest potential. Because the platform is based on viewers’ words, you also uncover the relationships between titles and audiences, so you can find the right words, comps, and positioning to promote your titles. By analyzing viewers’ reactions, we help you find the right audience for your title and market it to them using their own words.

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We've developed an algorithm to determine which words are the most important to distinguish one title from another. Learn more about our Comp Analysis and ViewerVoice Reaction Dataset.


Using viewers' own words, movies are clustered together into just-the-right-sized genres. Learn more about Nanogenre® Lists and Reaction Mapping® Technology.

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